Woven Vinyl Floor

Item Code: Features:Artline is unique woven vinyl flooring that provides the look and feel of textile flooring with all the advantages of vinyl flooring.The system that is durable,easily cleaned,and has high performance ratings in residential and commercial applications.
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► Ability to creat tailored and completely bespoke designs

► Vast color selection

► Combine patterns for stunning results

► Non-slip surface dries quickly,making it ideal for wet areas

► Significantly lower cleaning and maintenance costs

► 10-15 year guarantees


Medium Grey 3201  Teal 3202 Orange 3203  Light Grey 3204  Green 3205




Brown 3207 Dark Blue 3208 Dark Grey 3209 Black 3210




Checkerboard Pattern                                                          Herringbone Pattern



Random Joints Pattern                                                                       Hexagonal Pat