Introducing BUSH PE-X Water & Gas systems by Elson – since 1993

Feel completely confident when using or specifying BUSH PE-X for your next major project. BUSH PE-X is manufactured, distributed and supported by Elson who have been servicing the Wholesale Plumbing Supply industry since 1993.
Other PE-X brands on the market can be outsourced from a number of suppliers piecing together pipe and fittings that may be difficult to guarantee quality or consistency.
Elson manufactures only Quality Australian Standards approved pipe and fittings. Elson Manufacturing is ISO9001 accredited taking a responsible and committed stand on quality.
Elson supports this with a 25 year warranty backed by years of industry experience.
BUSH PE-X has the most comprehensive range of Plumbing and Gas products available in the Australian market. PE-X-AL system to 63mm and Pull-on sleeve to 32mm.
Find out why Plumbers prefer BUSH.
For a complete information pack contact Elson on 02 9625 7899.