The BUSH Telegraph Issue 2- December 2014

Welcome to the second edition of “The BUSH Telegraph”.
In this edition we have more useful facts and insight relating to our industry. We hope you enjoy this brief read and thanks again for supporting BUSH Water & Gas.
Technical – WARNING “Clip your BUSH PE‐X”
Recent meetings held with high profile Hydraulic Consultants have warned of the importance of clipping PE‐X pipe and using only approved clips and saddles. These Hydraulic Consultants are keen to promote awareness and education amongst all PE‐X pipe installers of the importance to always:
 Clip PE‐X Pipe at distances consistent with AS3500 recommendations.
 Clip PE‐X Pipe only with approved saddles.
 DO NOT clip PE‐X pipe using metal clips or metal saddles.
The key reason behind these warnings relates to the properties of PE‐X pipe which expands and contracts significantly more than copper. PE‐X pipe has the distinct advantage of being able to absorb and significantly reduce the effects of “water hammer”. However, the cyclic effect of thermodynamics with expansion and contraction can cause abrasion against a metal clip or metal saddle that in a long‐term, worst case scenario could lead to pipe failure.
The solution is simple – always:
 Clip your BUSH PE‐X using only approved clips and saddles. Manufactured from a plastic or nylon material. BUSH PE‐X has a range of these available.
 Clip your BUSH PE‐X at distances recommended under AS3500.
Technical – DON’T MIX & MATCH your Pipe and fittings!
Not all PE‐X systems are created equal.
PE‐X Pipe must conform to the Australian Standard AS2492. However the required tolerances on wall thickness have led to some manufacturers adopting minimum wall thicknesses, which are not compatible with BUSH PE‐X or THE ORIGINAL Pull‐On sleeve compression system. This can equate to variances beyond compatibility with wall thickness varying by as much as 17.4%. Refer to the chart below:
Pipe Diameter Nominal Wall thickness MIN Wall thickness MAX Wall thickness % Variance
16mm 2.0mm 2.3mm 15%
20mm 2.3mm 2.7mm 17.4%
25mm 2.8mm 3.2mm 14%
32mm 3.6mm 4.1mm 14%
                    From Table 3.1(B) SDR9 AS/NZS 2492:2007
Incidents of leaking joints have been reported where pipe and fitting brands have been mixed. To avoid any potential leaking joints always insist upon genuine BUSH PE‐X pipe and fittings!
Previously we asked you to send us happy snaps of your own “Grand Installation” where the invisible (behind the wall) heroes can proudly display their BUSH PE‐X installs. From private waterfront mansions to some of the largest project home builders and high rise commercial projects, we want you to help us add to this long list of quality installations – big or small. To be in the running to, Win a FREE Bathroom Mixer Set, (Basin and Shower Mixer) send us a photo of your own BUSH PE‐X “Grand Installation”. The best judged entry receives the Elson manufactured Oschin Mixer Tap set with a 10 year cartridge replacement warranty. Send your photo and contact details to [email protected] Congratulations to last months winner – Damian.
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