i) Is there anything I need to do before using a Manual crimp Tool?
   Yes – follow all of these important steps below:
• Ensure that the tool is compatible with BUSH CRIMP GAS PEX-AL Pipe and BUSH Crimp Gas Fittings.
• Ensure the tool is in good working order
• Ensure that the jaws align and have no gap when closed
• Ensure that the jaws are clean, free of defects and debris
• Refer to the Jointing Procedure in this manual for correct method
ii) If the jaws of the Manual Tool do not align when closed what must I do?
• Adjust the jaws and test until the jaws align and have no gap. Follow the process described in the section,
  “jointing procedures – Tool adjustment”
iii) Is there anything I need to do before using the approved battery crimp Tool?
     Yes – follow all of these important steps below:
• Ensure that the tool is compatible with BUSH CRIMP GAS PEX-AL Pipe and BUSH Crimp Gas Fittings.
• Read and recognise the instructions contained in the manual
• Ensure the correct jaws match the tool, the pipe and the fittings
• Inspect the tool to ensure it functions properly
• Inspect the jaws to ensure they’re clean, dry, free of dirt
iv) If the battery Tool does not fully compress what should I do?
• Release the trigger and jaws by actuating the retract slide
• Recharge the battery or replace with charged battery
• Crimp the joint a second time and check with the crimp gauge
v) Do I need to inspect the pipe end prior to crimping?
    Yes, always inspect the pipe and ensure it is cut square, has been “rounded & deburred”, has no rough edges         and the internal and external pipe is undamaged prior to crimping.
vi) Do I need to “round and deburr” the pipe prior to every crimp joint?
     Yes - this is a requirement for every joint – ensure that the reaming/calibrating tool suits BUSH Crimp Gas
     Pex-AL pipe
vii) Do I need to inspect the crimp fitting prior to every crimp joint?
      Yes - you should visually inspect each fitting to ensure it is free of any dirt and grit, has both “O” rings intact,
      the stainless crimp sleeve is properly located and all parts are undamaged – clean/ replace/discard as
viii) How can I tell if the pipe has been pushed into the fitting properly?
• Inspect the fitting to ensure the pipe is visible through all 4 witness openings
ix) Do I need to check every crimp joint has been compressed properly?
     Yes - you should check every crimp joint has been compressed properly by testing with the crimp gauge
x) Is there a procedure to follow when soldering connecting barbs?
• Dismantle the fitting prior to heating and brazing
• Allow to cool fully before assembly
• Ensure the yellow plastic retainer rings, two “O” rings and stainless steel sleeve are installed correctly
  – refer to picture assembly detail on page 9 of this brochure.
xi) What are the requirements for installing the BUSH Crimp Gas system?
• Must only be installed by a licenced Gas Fitter
• Must be installed in accordance with AS 5601.1:2010
• Must be installed using the BUSH Crimp Gas PEX-AL Piping system procedures
• Must be installed using BUSH Crimp Gas PEX-AL pipe, BUSH Crimp Gas fittings and tools, licence