The BUSH Telegraph Issue 1 - July 2014

Welcome to the first edition of the BUSH Telegraph.The aim of this newsletter is to provide some useful facts and insight relating to your industry.We hope you enjoy this brief read and keep supporting BUSH Water & Gas.
“Where did I come from?”
BUSH PE-X pipe and fittings started when a long-time Brassware manufacturer was approached by a small group of Aussie Plumbing Industry Legends to manufacture a quality alternative to the expensive and exclusive European imports. Elson took up the challenge based on attention to detail with strict quality control systems and the ability to achieve ISO9001 status under the International Quality Manufacturing Standard. The result was a genuine, true to specification; Australian Standard approved system – BUSH PE-X, incorporating PE-Xa Class 20 PE-X pipe and 3 jointing system alternatives using this same PE-X pipe. From this quality manufacturing base the technology was developed to manufacture the BUSH Crimp Gas system using the same crimp jaws as the crimp water system. BUSH Water & Gas piping systems now boast the most comprehensive range of pipe, fittings, tools and accessories available on the market. Check out or contact your local Sales Representative in your area.
Contact us:
Our Sales Team have the industry experience and expertise
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Queensland: Brian Tabulo 0423 508 222
Victoria / Tasmania: Rob Taylor 0423 787 313
Sydney West / NSW South / S.A.: Brad Gow 0413 648 677
Sydney East / NSW North / W.A. / N.T.: Brad Perkins 0412 122 381
National: Graham Johnston 0422 634 061
Technical – DON’T MIX & MATCH your Pipe and fittings!
Not all PE-X systems are created equal! There are copies that look for short-cuts to make price their main focus. It’s important to recognise that some “too good to be true” copies actually vary in standard and specification. BUSH PE-X pipe is a genuine PE-Xa Class 20 pipe that is true to Standard and compatible with the major European brand. Most other systems are not!
Variances beyond compatibility often exist in pipe wall thickness and outside diameter dimensions. Consistent quality and compliance is assured when you use BUSH Water & Gas. We know this because we make it ourselves and control every stage of manufacturing both the pipe and fittings. Every BUSH PE-X pipe manufacturing run undergoes a series of 7 compulsory tests to ensure quality and consistency. With over 21 years of experience in Brassware distribution and manufacturing our BUSH Water & Gas fittings are genuine Dezincification resistant and Hi-tensile Brass sleeves.
Dob in a mate PROMOTION
Got a Plumber or Gas Fitter mate that’s not currently using BUSH?
Send us his contact details and both of you will receive a BUSH Bathroom Starter pack free of charge.
Send both yours and your mates contact details by email to [email protected]
At Elson we’re always looking at developing new BUSH Water & Gas products or tools that can help make your job easier. Here are some recent editions that are available from your local independent Plumbing Merchant now.
 BUSH Crimp Jaws to suit Novopress / Kempress Battery Tools. Make the conversion to Battery power with this         versatile and cost efficient option. Double the value with BUSH using the same jaws for both water and gas               crimp systems. Check out the flyer attached to this Newsletter.
 BUSH Pull-On Battery Tools dual rotating head version. These German manufactured Novopress quality tools are made to last. Check out the flyer attached to this Newsletter.
 BUSH Battery Drill Calibrating tools. The ultimate accessory for the high-end user whose doing big jobs with           plenty of joints.
 Available to suit Water & Gas crimp systems in sizes 16mm to 63mm.
BUSH Water & Gas systems have already been installed in many of the grandest residences throughout Australia. From private waterfront mansions to some of the largest project home builders and high rise commercial projects, we want you to help us add to our long list of quality installations – big or small. Send us a photo of your “Grand Installation” and we will send the best judged entry a bathroom lot of quality Elson manufactured Tap Mixers with modern styling and 10 year cartridge replacement warranty. Send your photo and contact details to [email protected]